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Campsite resort "the Pluimpot"

Address: Geertruidaweg 3, 4694 PH, Scherpenisse Zeeland - The Netherlands



Geertruidaweg 3

4694 PH, Scherpenisse


The beach is only 250 meters away from the park, it is only five minutes walking by foot.  A small dam guarantees there's always enough water for the youngest to play with or paddle.  The holidayresort "The Pluimpot" is called after the same name as the nature reserve which lies next to the campsite. The national reserve is also a nesting place and stopping place for birds. There are two walking routes.


Other nature reserves were you can go for a walk on the isle Tholen are: "Rammegors" or the silts of "the Heen".  On a stroll (500 meters) there is a landing stage for the foot-passenger ferry. The ferry goes on regular base to Yrseke (from June till August).  Also on 500 meters distance there is a children's farm "The Lambs-ear" and a folkloristic garden.








Pay a visit to the multifunctional Centre 'Scaldis-Naturalis' which offers you an exhibition about all kinds of topics from now and the past.  Again on 500 meters distance near the pier you will discover many fishing places. On the isle Tholen you can go for fishing on many places. With your own boat you can navigate on the "Oosterschelde". For sport fishing on the Oosterschelde there is no need to have a fishing any permission so fishing is totally free! The Oosterschelde is an outstanding place for diving (crystal clear water), swimming , (kite)surfing, sailing or hug the coast with your own boat. Very close to the campsite there is a trailer slope to launch private boats into the water.The isle Tholen: Several small villages and towns are worthwhile to visit. You will discover monumental farmer houses, mills and other special buildings;  flowerfields;  Peacefull dykes and small harbours.

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