Europeesche Annual Travel Insurance

Holiday Insurance

Sometimes the unexpected can happen and we believe that comprehensive personal insurance can increase peace of mind. We offer 3 comprehensive insurance options in association with "The Europeesche". If you request our insurance cover, your Insurance Policy Document will be sent to you with your Holiday Invoice or directly by "The Europeesche" You may also take out alternative insurance with another provider. If you take out alternative insurance, you must provide us with details of your insurance by the time you have paid for your holiday in full. You have the right to cancel your policy within 14 days of the date of issue or receipt of the terms and conditions, whichever is the later. Provided you have not made, or intend to make, a claim we will refund to you any premium you have paid. If you have made or intend to make a claim you will not be entitled to any premium refund. If you give notice in writing to us to cancel this policy outside of the 14 day cooling-off period such cancellation shall take effect on the date the notice is received or on the date specified in the notice, whichever is the latter. If you have not made a claim or intend to make a claim or sought assistance under the policy then you will be entitled to a pro-rata refund of premium in accordance with the remaining term of the policy.


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